federlal government not Listening

The federal gov. is not listening to us with Alzheimer’s.    Who will help me to try to get the Govenment to listen.  I am tired of them ignoring us  and trying to put all the burden on the provinces.  Anybody out there feel the same???


Hadfield hands over space station, sings David Bowie’s Space Oddity

Global News

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has handed over command of the International Space Station has he prepares to return to Earth.

He wrapped up a five-month visit to the giant laboratory, saying it’s time to turn over the reins to Pavel Vinogradov, a Russian cosmonaut.

Hadfield, the first Canadian to command the station, says he’s achieved the goals he set out for himself before making the journey in late December and is leaving both ship and crew “in good shape.

He tweeted this morning that it’s “time to rev up the Soyuz” for the trip home.

WATCH: Canada’s Chris Hadfield hands over command of the ISS
[tp_video id=555574]

Plans call for Hadfield and two other crewmembers to leave the station Monday just after 7 p.m. E-T aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

They’re due to land in Kazakhstan about three and-a-half hours later.

A helicopter will take them…

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