i am rely  pleased        i will be working with my friend at the Alzheimer offs        and my Alzheimer   doctor  to make   hospitals     dem
mntia friendly




3 thoughts on “demntiafriendly

  1. Susan – I’m the Executive Director at the Alzheimer Society in Belleville. I sit on a committee to plan a forum called A Changing Melody for April 6, 2013. After viewing the CTV cilp, the committee asked me to contact you – to see if you would like to participate in our forum. The theme is ‘Stamping out Stigma’. We have some speakers (Mary McKinlay is one) already lined up, but would like you to be part of the day –
    1. by using your story to show ways and means of reducing stigma – about 20 – 30 minutes
    2. by participating in a panel discussion with other folks living with dementia and partners in care.
    Your costs would be covered, of course.
    You can look up some info about the day at

    Let me know what you think and we can take it from there. THanks!

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