Leadership Conference: Dementia Champions’ panel

Things are gooing well . I went to a leasdership forum on October 15 and participated in the Dementia Champions panel  and did very well.  I and 2 other Champions spoke.

When I stod up I toled my history as a Nurse and that I have arare kind of alzhimers called P C A and I asked if anyone had heard of it and only one person put up her hand.

I am now working on the ida of small group homese  for pepole withzhimers.  It will be very interesting. I am hopping to also  have the first small group home here in Lindsay.I wish to work on getting more awarnes of the disise .


One thought on “Leadership Conference: Dementia Champions’ panel

  1. Congratulations Susan on being a speaker at the leadership forum!

    I was doing an online search for a PCA support group in Canada, but only came up with one in the UK, which you probably already know about. The only site that comes up for Canada is the Alzheimer’s Society. I will let you know if I happen to come across anything else, but surely there must be other people in Canada with PCA.


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