I am feeling a bit down today. not sure why.  I read the story that terry Pratchet wrote and it was haed to see what he is gooing through . The fact that we have the same kind of Alzhimers that I have helps as it is s very rare kind ov the disese. I feel that a partner in the jurny so it helps me to cope. I think that I will do,more posts as I go along . The most frustating thing is that is no cure now but I am sure that there will be one somtime in the futer . all we can do is get out there and try to raise as much mony we can for reasearsc  and push the federal government to have a natioal strategy for alzhimers and for more mony to help the provences cope with the issue. Iam asking as many of you to go to the Alzhimers Canda website and there you is a place where you can send a letter to your Federal Representative. The mor letters that thay get the more impact it will have. Thank you all for your support on line and as greate friends.


2 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Thanks Susan. It’s important to reach out especially when you are not feeling great in order to receive the support that others are so willing to offer to you. It’s understandable to get down when you think of your prognosis. Doing what you can in the present to increase awareness and to seek better supports for your future care is helpful for you and for everybody else too. Thank you for your sharing and for all your efforts. I will go to the Alzheimer’s Canada site as you suggested.


  2. Hello Susan. I am glad you have a strong partner to help you when you are unsteady in your feelings. I know many people will benefit from your efforts with awareness programs and lobbying the government for increased help for those living with Alzheimers patients. A times like this I hope you are able to draw from your memories and experiences in Africa and times with your family members.

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