Back from Africa

Hi all  I am back from Africa and it was awasom ! We saw so much and we had fantastic guides. The hardest part was the flight. Going was not too bad but comming home  was realy hard.  we were over 30 hours in transit and by the time we were near home we were so tired that I was actualy halucinating . We have decided to do future trips in North America so we are near help if we need it. There is lots that we have not seen so we are content with that.

When I look back on the trip I think that the best part waese that I felt that I could reach out and touch the animales


3 thoughts on “Back from Africa

  1. I am happy to hear that you are home safely and have recovered from being so tired. We almost went to see you this year. We dropped into see Sharron Hutchenson and her daughter. We had a very good chat with them and the afternoon seemed to fly by. We thought that it was getting too late….not for you guys, but for us. Next year for sure. Take care now Shirley K.

  2. Thanks Susan. I am glad to hear that the trip was very meaningful for you once you were actually there to see what you went for. Long travel is hard though and I can appreciate why you would choose not to make such a long trip again. I’m sorry you had that difficult time coming home. You must have been very relieved to get home and lie down in your own bed.

    I also enjoyed the photos you posted very much and it is nice you have those to remind you of what was most special for you about the trip.

    Love, Joan

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