I am doing well

I am getting ready for the upcoming election and with friends  we are preparing to ask the hard questions about they are going to do about the number of peolp with alzhimers and enough proper beds for them . I hope that it will make an impression on them and thay will listion.

This is not realted but i had to write about what hit me today.July 0711

Brian and I went grocerie shopping and when I got home I realized a role reverserl had happened in the last few years. it is now Brians job to shope and make the meals and mine to do set the table and do the dishises . Not a problem but a realisaion as to how much has changed in the last 2 yearse.Abit of a shock but is part of the proses of accepting what is happing.

July 12, we went to s family renun and we had a greate time. It was good to se so many Family friends and have a realy good visit.  We are off to see my Uncle and Aunt this week and that will be a greate  time I am sure.

We are also  getting ready for oue trip to Africa and are leaving on the 4th of Augst. We are really looking forward to it . Love to all and will talk when we get home.!!!