Summer is around the corner

Lately I have notist that i am having some spacial issues and am having trouble with puting some pices of clothing on.  I find it upsetting. I am working on that and find that the more i do the easier it is.  i am getting better with putinng clothes on now. I find repeate somthing it becomes Better.

I am feeling better now that the sun is out and ther are flowers are comming up. We went for a bicke ride and the fresh smell of the woods . our daughter and family are comming up to visit and we will go out in there boat for a ride and my grandsun as well.

I will realy enjoy the summer. and look foward to our trip to Africa in August. My dream trip!!

I probably will not do  another post till the end of the summer as i will spend less time on the computer. I might write a note  or two and a post about my Trip .