Begging for care

Perhap you have seen the articls in the Toronto Star about the crisis in the home care and lack of help and mony from the ontario Governemt. There are 2 main issues. The first is the lack of long term beds and help for those who wish to stay at home. We need more Long term Homes and ones with a safe arieas for those with Alzhimerz disease. the health sytime is BROKIn ane we neeed to get it fixed and before we are overloaded withe the huge numbers of seniors who need the care that we are all cared for as wee get older Plese pas along this post to all of your friends and ask them to send a note to thierlocal member of Parliement to Fix the Health care care systyme and to pass along to more friends to do this as we.. send anot to your local member of paliament and ask the system. we are in need of ei nability to get help from the acces centers as there is not enough money from the Government. There is also huge shortage of long term care beds and espialy for Those who have Alzhimers who need a safe place to wander and allow the other residents not to be bothered


5 thoughts on “Begging for care

  1. Thank you Susan for continuing to share exactly how you are experiencing your day to day challenges.

    I believe I signed some kind of online petition to government sometime in the past month about the issues you raise regarding residential and support services. I added a personal note about the concerns you have mentioned. It may have come from the Alzheimer Society page.

  2. Susan, my thoughts are prayers are often with you as you endeavour to understand how your life is and will change. I will keep your concerns in mind for any opportunity I have to talk/write about the current health care system. The is a large demographic of seniors in Victoria, and this is a timely topic.

    I hope to see you at the Class of 1967 reunion next year.

  3. Dear Sue, I think it is wonderful that you are writng this blog of your journey. It is very brave and I’m sure helpful to many people. I think of you often and pray for you and your family ( who by the way are very blessed to have you). Keep up the great work and enjoy each day as much as you can. An old friend Jane

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