My jurney with Alzheimers.

When my husband  and I first found out that I had Alzheimers we were stuned in disbelief. I am doing the blog so you may follow my jurney and have a new under standing of how it has affected me. I am trying to bring it out from the shadows, so people will understand ir better. I am a retired Nurse so ido have an understanding of how it is a verdesting diag nisis.

I am not changing my spelling mistakes as I wish want to give an hones t look at what i gothrough.

I have a varience of the disese called P.C.A or posterior Cranial Atrophy. It is a rare kind and The person goes blind before they loose more of there memorye. The life expetency is about 12 years from Diagnosis.


10 thoughts on “My jurney with Alzheimers.

  1. This is a great and truly worthwhile undertaking. I wish you the very very best with it and I will follow it all the way until you decide to stop.

  2. Hi Sue and Brian
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I was quite interested in the article in the local paper recently and am interested in continuing reading as we journey alongside you and Brian.
    – Mary Lou

  3. Thank you very much for opening a very personal and painful subject. I watched my mother, (and before her her father) slowly detiorate both physically and emotionally. It took her 12 years to finally rest. The hardest part by far was watching her struggle to remember her family’s names. I was born on her 24th. birthday, and always thought I’d be special. She forgot my name second. It hurts to watch a strong, hard-working fun-loving person slowly sink back into a place where no one could follow. I’ll follow you in your journey, and all my prayers are with you.

  4. Hello Sue, Thank-you very much for sharing your story. You are very brave and I’m sure this will help other people going through this journey also. Take care and all the best to you and your family. Jane Paeden

  5. Thank you for telling me about your blog…I’m sure it will be very helpful to many people for understanding! God bless you, Linda

  6. His Sue, Just adding my support to all the rest. Just stick out your chin and keep going – don’t let the demons grind you down. I am certain there’s a lot of living for you to do yet!! Enjoy it while you can.
    I am sure you will be an inspiration to people reading your blog.
    Love xxx

  7. I’m terribly sorry to hear about this difficult journey you have ahead of you. Sharing it with the world will undoubtedly help others, so you also continue your calling as a medical caregiver. I wish you joy in your family and friends, and the strength to relish all those small but beautiful things in life that we too often take for granted. My Dad has Alzheimer’s, but it’s so much worse when someone young, like you, has to deal with it. My thoughts are with you, Susan, and with your family.

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