The beginning  Some of the first things that were aperant were my inability to spell . i was aways agood speller and that was notiest by my husband. I will leave in all my mistakes to show that it is one of the early sighins of early alzhimers. I was also having trouble putting a meal together and asked Brian if he would mind doing the cooking.Asi was tired of doing it.  We desided to see our Dr. and were sent to a speclialist in geriatric medicen. and from ther to a Dr. in Toronto after I had an M R i. and the finale diagnosis was made.


My jurney with Alzheimers.

When my husband  and I first found out that I had Alzheimers we were stuned in disbelief. I am doing the blog so you may follow my jurney and have a new under standing of how it has affected me. I am trying to bring it out from the shadows, so people will understand ir better. I am a retired Nurse so ido have an understanding of how it is a verdesting diag nisis.

I am not changing my spelling mistakes as I wish want to give an hones t look at what i gothrough.

I have a varience of the disese called P.C.A or posterior Cranial Atrophy. It is a rare kind and The person goes blind before they loose more of there memorye. The life expetency is about 12 years from Diagnosis.